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Covid-19 really had a significant impact on all type of travels, especially the corporate travel. Instead of physical meetings, virtual meetings were all the fad thanks to Zoom and lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 but that is changing now as we recover from the pandemic. These changes will have profound impact on the future of corporate travel.

Many companies around the world have started changing their corporate travel policies reflecting the trend of rise of hybrid working policies. In the future, we will see ridesharing services such as Uber reflect this changing trend.

To take advantage of this new trends, businesses must keep in mind best policies to create the best corporate travel plans. For this, a few tips and trends are given below:

Adopt Covid safety measures

While we have largely recovered from the pandemic, we still are seeing people getting sick from Covid. A good corporate travel policy must keep the health and safety of their employees in mind. It should be the most important policy. To keep them safe, the Covid safety guidelines such as wearing masks and using hand sanitizers must be implemented even during when they are not in the office physically.

A single Covid patient can make other employees sick as well, so necessary precautions must be taken so that an employee does not spread Covid to fellow employee during travel or meetings.

Adapting hybrid travel policies

By hybrid travel policies, we mean the use of multiple transportation platforms available to use after the Covid-19 pandemic. So, if it is more easy for an employee to travel through the use of ride hailing service, such as Uber or lyft, then the use of rental vehicles or public transportation, then the travel policy must allow for that flexibility.

This will not only improve the mood of the employee but also increase their productivity and overall morale of the workplace. All of this will result in better efficiency for the whole business. The better efficiency will ultimately yield better financial results as well.

Impact of the traffic

The traffic can cause delay in the employee reaching the office on time. Also, due to covid-19 people are afraid of traveling on public transportation from the fear of catching Covid-19. So, we will and we are seeing increase in amount of traffic. In this case, ride hailing may be the best option for corporate travel because it not only reduces the cost of travel, but also gives the employee more time to work on their project because they are not wasting time driving a car. This policy can be a cause of dual improvement.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the corporate travel business forever. The businesses need to recognize that. After recognizing this, they need to change their travel policies to reflect that. They must keep up with the changes. Because if they do not then they will be swept away with changes and that will impact their business, ultimately.

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