Price Estimate

How booking fees are estimated

In most cases, your ride price will be determined before you confirm your ride. However, in certain instances, you will need to confirm an estimated fee range beforehand. Some factors that may affect your ride cost include:

Better Rate

Both the distance and duration of your ride will influence your base rate.

Additional Fees

Additional fees are usually a flat cost, which goes towards operation expenses. This helps us ensure that our customers are receiving the best service possible.

Booking fees goes towards operational, safety, and regulatory costs, so that we can continue to provide our customer’s the best service possible. We believe in full transparency, not only for our passengers but for our drivers a well. The price of your ride will be predetermined before you accept.
Our minimum booking fee is ONLY $1
(this does NOT effect the drivers pay)

Earn money driving Pop-Up Rideshare

Behind the wheel

Make money on your own schedule! Our regular car drivers receive a base pay of $3/ride, with an additional $0.50/minute and $1.15/mile. Our SUV drivers receive a base pay of $5/ride, with an additional $0.50/minute and $1.15/mile.

Other Ways

Use the resources in our app to find out just how many ways Pop-Up Rideshare can help you! With Pop-Up Rideshare, you are your own boss.