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We know you’re busy, which is why using our service is simple and convenient! To use Pop-Up Rideshare, just pull up our app and request a ride. All transactions will be performed through our app. Once you are connected with one of our skilled drivers, their information will be sent directly to you. After your ride has been completed, payment is quick and easy and will be processed directly through the app. 

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Get Started

How We Are Different

Unique to the industry, we only operate at designated times, providing free rides to passengers during high-volume events, like conventions, sporting events and festivals. Our main stream of revenue is earned through our corporate sponsors, who in turn receive prime advertising placement, both inside and outside our vehicle fleet. Because of this, Pop-Up Rideshare is able to offer our customers free rides, who would otherwise be forced to pay surge fees with other transportation companies, such as Uber or Lyft. 

How does this benefit you? Because of our unique model, we are able to provide both free rides to our riders and better pay rates to our drivers. It’s a win-win! We make sure our drivers are fairly compensated based both on the duration and distance of the ride, and pay a small service fee to operate on our platform.

Interested in driving with us? See our driver rates and apply today.

Our Booking Fees

Our customer’s cost is comprised of 2 elements: a base rate, which is determined based on both the distance and duration of your ride, along with a small booking fee. This booking fee goes towards operational, safety, and regulatory costs, so that we can continue to provide our customer’s the best service possible. No cash needed!

Our minimum booking fee is $1 and will never be more than $10.

We believe in full transparency, not only for our passengers but for our drivers a well.  All fees for your ride will be established in advance and both you and your driver will be notified before accepting.

For more information on our booking rates, visit our price estimate page

Branding Vehicles, Inside and Out

Sponsors are given the opportunity to advertise directly to their consumers during these events. We offer different advertising packages both inside and outside our fleet of vehicles that promise high rates of exposure directly to the advertiser’s consumer population.

Get ready for our next pop-up. Partner with Pop-Up Rideshare.

Getting Started

Signing Up is Easy

Apply as a Driver

Apply to drive on our Pop-Up Drive app and you will receive an email for the next step!

Background Check

After applying, our drivers must pass our thorough background check. 

Register Your Vehicle

Once approved, you must confirm your information and provide photos of your vehicle. 

Ready To Go

You’re all set! You will be notified when you are approved for driving.

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