How It Works

Booking A Ride

We know you’re busy, which is why using our service is simple and convenient! To use Pop-Up Rideshare, just pull up our app and request a ride. All transactions will be performed through our app. Once you are connected with one of our skilled drivers, their information will be sent directly to you. After your ride has been completed, payment is quick and easy and will be processed directly through the app.


How We Are Different

Unique to the industry, we only operate at designated times, providing free rides to passengers during high-volume events, like conventions, sporting events and festivals. Our main stream of revenue is earned through our corporate sponsors, who in turn receive prime advertising placement, both inside and outside our vehicle fleet. Because of this, Pop-Up Rideshare is able to offer our customers free rides, who would otherwise be forced to pay surge fees with other transportation companies, such as Uber or Lyft.

Partner with Us

Advertise At The Biggest Events & Conferences

We aim to serve the Las Vegas community in a unique way. Pop-Up Rideshare solely operates in synchrony with conventions and events like CES, ICSC, MAGIC, where the city sees an influx of up to 150k people. Sponsors are given the opportunity to advertise directly to their consumers during these events. We offer different advertising packages for both inside and outside our fleet of vehicles.

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