Pop-Up Rideshare is a NTA approved sponsor and event-based Rideshare company based in Las Vegas – brought to you by the founders of RideAustin. We are currently onboarding 500 drivers in Las Vegas. Sign-up Today!
Pop-Up Rideshare offers GUARANTEED pay to our driver-contractors during our sponsored events while drivers are online with our app. Rides are FREE for riders – paid for by our sponsors. We do not compete with Uber and Lyft for random app-ride request hails.
  • Download and create an account on Pop-Up Rideshare App.
  • Be sure to enter the required information accurately. (You are not required to take rides as a passenger on Pop-Up. However, you are required to sign-up as a rider as part of our onboarding process.)
  • Within your Pop-Up Rideshare account, click on the ‘hamburger menu’ located in the top left portion of your screen.
  • Press the “Drive with Pop-up Rideshare” link to start the Driver Application process.
  • Once your application is accepted, download and the Pop-up Driver App; this will be where you manage your Pop-Up Driver Account.
  • If you have any issues, please contact our support email.
Of course! We want to see our drivers maximize their earnings on the road while driving on our app. Riders may tip through our app, cash, or any legal tipping format in which drivers accept.
Yes. However drivers that choose NOT to do so will be paid less. All vehicle ad wrap costs are covered by Pop-Up. Depending on the event duration you may be paid for the time it takes to wrap your vehicle (TBD).Vehicle wraps preserve your car and can be easily removed after the sponsored event.Pop-Up is obtaining the necessary airport permit and will be allowed to do airport pickups and drops with wrapped vehicles.
No. We are required by the NTA to have a separate annual vehicle inspection conducted on drivers’ vehicles. We have partnered with Midas, conveniently located at 2797 E. Tropicana Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89121 for vehicle inspections. Once approved to drive on our platform you will receive an email with inspection instructions. The first 100 drivers will receive their inspection for free. Drivers after the first 100 will be required to pay a $XX.XX inspection fee. If your vehicle fails inspection, there will be no charge.
We require drivers to also have a rider account so that you are familiar with how our rider app works. Don’t worry it’s easy! And no, you don’t have to upload a form of payment in the rider app, as you likely won’t be taking rides as a rider on Pop-Up.

We have partnered with industry-leader, we use Stripe Connect, same as UBER

Once approved to drive for Pop-Up you will receive a secure link to add the bank account to which you would like to be paid. This can also be completed through your Pop-Up Drive app.

Please whitelist our email: info@popuprideshare.com. You will be invited to drive for future events as needed. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to check your email regularly for opportunities.
No catches! Pop-Up Rideshare only charges every driver a $1 service fee per ride for Driver’s access to Pop-Up’s platform. This is simply deducted from your earnings – it does not come out of your pocket.
Vinyl wraps cause ZERO damage to the vehicle’s paint. In fact it helps protect your car. Pop-Up Rideshare uses the highest quality materials. (https://vehicleanswers.com/do-vehicle-wraps-damage-car/)
Pop-up Rideshare is brought to you by the founders of Ride Austin – a former Texas-based rideshare company. Our management team has decades of experience in building innovative companies.
This answer depends on the pickup location.Rides coming from the airport will NOT contain custom wrapping due to airport regulations.Rides with pickup locations outside of the airport will be wrapped.
Our cars appearance varies depending on the pickup location.Rides coming from the airport will NOT contain custom wrapping due to airport regulations. TNC vehicles cannot operate on the airport grounds with a car wrap.Rides with pickup locations outside of the airport will be wrapped.For instance, if we have an event of 100 cars. 75 cars will be wrapped and 25 cars will not be wrapped. The 25 cars will be responsible for the airport transportation portion of the event.