Extended Wait Times for Rideshare Companies are Raising Concerns in Las Vegas

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas sometime in the near future, there are a few transportation considerations to be aware of before you go.

Rideshare services across the county haven’t been the same since COVID-19.  It comes as no surprise that Las Vegas rideshare service customers are being deeply affected by the longer wait times and higher costs.  Uber and Lyft drivers are either calling it quits or scaling back due to high gas prices. Since concerns about COVID have significantly lessened, more people are hitting the Vegas strip.  It’s all adding up to a driver shortage.  So, on top of long wait times for your ride to arrive, the cost can be quite a bit higher.  However, you aren’t out of luck.  Recently a unique new rideshare alternative has popped up.  It’s called Pop-Up Rideshare.  They operate at designated times and provide free rides to passengers during high volume events such as conventions. sporting events. Given that Las Vegas has those pretty much all the time, chances are you’ll be able to score a free ride.

There are good transportation options in Las Vegas.  There a high likelihood that one of them will be a great alternative to Uber or Lyft.

Las Vegas Transportation Alternatives

Las Vegas has an impressive transportation system.  There’s alternative rideshare companies, shuttles, trams, taxis, and Las Vegas monorail.

Rideshare Services

Unique to the industry, we only operate at designated times, providing free rides to passengers during high-volume events, like conventions, sporting events and festivals. Our main stream of revenue is earned through our corporate sponsors, who in turn receive prime advertising placement, both inside and outside our vehicle fleet. Because of this, Pop-Up Rideshare is able to offer our customers free rides, who would otherwise be forced to pay surge fees with other transportation companies, such as Uber or Lyft. 


Many hotels and casinos offer shuttle services to get around the city, although some shuttle buses are for only hotel guests.   McCarren Airport has shuttle services including Bell Trans Shuttle, Airline Shuttle, and Super Shuttle to get to the Strip.


Las Vegas trams are free.  They have 3 routes on Las Vegas Strip, which makes them a great option for getting around. Popular trams include Mirage – Treasure Island Tram, and Mandalay Bay Tram.


You are likely to experience similar problems as using a rideshare service with it being harder to hail an empty cab, and higher ride cost, but if expense isn’t part of the equation and you see an available cab, go for it!


Reaching speeds up to 50mph and getting anywhere on the Strip within 15 minutes, make the Monorail a pretty attractive option.

Las Vegas Traffic and Parking

Whether day or night, the Las Vegas Strip is a beehive of activity.  Which means there’s a good deal if traffic.  At times there may be a little less traffic, but it’s rarely light.  So, either give yourself extra time if you’re taking a car, rideshare, or driving, or use the monorail, tram, or shuttle.  However, there are couple things to consider when making your decision.  First, parking at a hotel and traveling by monorail from there is better than moving between hotels since you’ll rack up the parking fees.  Second, check how far away the monorail is from you. Otherwise, you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

It used to be common for hotels to have free parking but now many of them charge.  Still there are a few left that don’t charge.  That said, parking fee rules can get a little complicated so look into the hotel stipulations first.  Some of the hotels with free parking are Rio Suites, Treasure Island, Venetian Palazzo, and Tropicana.  Las Vegas Direct, https://www.lasvegasdircet.com  has excellent information on which hotels have free parking, and the ones that charge with costs.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

Now that you got some good transportation information under your belt, there’ll be no surprises or hair-pulling frustrations awaiting your arrival in Las Vegas.  Always good to have options especially when it comes to travel!

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