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Apply To Drive
Do you own a car?

Apply To Drive

1. Download and create an account on Pop-Up Rideshare first.
2. Using the same email/password credentials, apply to drive through our Pop-Up Drive app.

Pop-Up Rideshare App

Pop-Up Drive App


Pop-Up Rideshare App

Pop-Up Drive App

How To Apply

  1. Download and create an account on Pop-Up Rideshare App.
  2. Be sure to enter the required information accurately. (You are not required to take rides as a passenger on Pop-Up. However, you are required to sign-up as a rider as part of our onboarding process.)
  3. Within your Pop-Up Rideshare account, click on the ‘hamburger menu’ located in the top left portion of your screen.
  4. Press the “Drive with Pop-up Rideshare” link to start the Driver Application process. 
  5. Once your application is accepted, download the Pop-up Driver App; this will be where you manage your Pop-Up Driver Account. 
  6. If you have any issues, please contact our support email.
Become a Driver

Why Drive With Us?

Higher Earning Potential

Our drivers are paid roughly double what other major rideshare companies offer.

Receive Quick Support

Reach us anytime online. We make sure all of our drivers are taken care of.

Set Your Own Schedule

Being a driver does not require long hour days. As a driver, you decide your own work hours.

Have questions? We are happy to help.

Driver Rates

Regular Cars

Our regular car drivers receive a base pay of $3/ride, with an additional  $0.50/minute and $1.15/mile. 


Our SUV drivers receive a base pay of $5/ride, with an additional $0.50/minute and $1.15/mile. 

Please note, that there will be a $1 Booking Fee added to all rides to help support regulatory, safety, and operational costs.  This fee will be in addition to a $1 Processing Fee collected and retained by Pop-Up Rideshare.

Pop-Up Rideshare charges every Driver a $1 service fee per ride for Driver’s access to Pop-Up’s platform.

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